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Escape Room Near Me

Escape Room Near Me St. Louis. Do you like challenges? Do you enjoy thrilling experiences where every second counts and the margin between victory and defeat is razor thin? Do you and a group of your friends want to test yourselves against the ultimate Escape Room Challenge? Mastermind Room Escape is proud to the provide the residents of the Greater St. Louis area with the premier escape room challenge! With two easy to reach locations in St. Louis and St. Charles, Mastermind Room Escape is definitely the option when you’re searching for an “escape room near me”.

Escape Room Near Me St. Louis

Our escape rooms are challenging, but defeatable! With a time limit of 60 minutes, you and your group will have to test your communication skills, perception, and overall teamwork skills against our challenging and complex puzzles. If you follow the clues and hints that the puzzle provides, you and your group can succeed! Beware though, most escape rooms have a success rate of less than 35%. But don’t let that deter you because our escape rooms have a 100% exciting and fun rate!
We allow group sizes of 2-to-12 depending on the escape challenge you choose, and we allow almost all ages to test our escape challenges; you just have to be at least eight years old (with a parent or guardian).

Escape Room Near Me St. Louis and St. Charles

When it comes to escape rooms, variety is a must. Between our two Greater St. Louis locations, we host 9 different and challenging escape rooms. Here are our escape rooms near me options:

  • Davinci’s Workshop – While away working on his latest invention, DaVinci received word via carrier pigeon that thieves were en route to ransack his home. Upon hearing this shocking news, Da Vinci pleaded for somebody…anybody…to save his greatest masterpiece, the Mona Lisa.
  • Diamond Heist – Think you’ve got what it takes to be the world’s greatest cat burglar? Was “Confessions of a Master Jewel Thief” really about you? Mastermind has created an escape room just for you and your treasure-thieving crew! Don’t get distracted by the diamond’s sparkling gleam, or the clock quickly losing precious seconds.
  • Cardinal Quest – It’s the 7th inning stretch in a tied game of Cards versus Cubs, and the lights in Busch stadium have just gone dark. Being the huge fans that you are, you decided to take a crack at figuring out how to get the lights back on to make sure the game is finished in St. Louis because (as any true baseball fan knows), according to MLB rules, if a TIED game is suspended between innings, the game must be replayed on the opposing team’s home field.
  • Electric Chair – Your friend has been framed for a crime he didn’t commit. Your crew must rescue him before he is executed by the electric chair! You must first break into his holding chamber to free him. Next, you need to locate the false evidence that has been planted by criminals in an effort to frame your friend.
  • Secret Society – While researching an ancient secret society, you discover that little did you know, they were researching YOU too. While you were walking down the street, you were suddenly blindfolded and pushed into a van. Next thing you remember, you awake in an unfamiliar place. Your surroundings are reminiscent of an old, medieval castle. As you look around, you see that you are surrounded by numerous mysterious objects and symbols. You turn around to see a heavy door behind you slamming closed.
  • The Shed – The year, 1970. You all are a team of investigators looking into a string of disappearances here in the back woods of Arkansas. But as fortunes turn, you and your team become embroiled in the disappearances as well!
  • The Castle – Trouble is afoot in the kingdom! The Evil King has stolen the Good King’s crown. It is your mission to gain access to the castle, make a sleeping potion to put the guards to sleep, and steal the crown before the guards awaken and imprison you.
  • Creepy Lair – Your group has been taken hostage by a psycho serial killer. To make sure no one hears your screams, he has taken you back to his old, dingy house, the reason for the name “Creepy Lair”. He plans to torture and kill each and every single one of you, BUT his evil streak is put on pause when he breaks his drill bit on his previous victim.
    Luckily for you, he has to run to the hardware store to get another bit. BUT, he’ll be back in only 60 minutes…
  • Elf Escape – The engine that makes the sleigh fly without Christmas spirit is on the fritz again. While your Buddy works tirelessly to fix the engine as fast as he and his Dad can, they may not finish in time. So, they need YOUR help to get the sleigh going the old-fashioned way: with Christmas spirit, of course!

Escape Rooms Near Me St. Charles and St. Louis

Now that you know which escape room challenges you have to choose from, all you have to do is decide! Can you and your group complete our challenging puzzles in 60 minutes or less? Can you work together to beat the average 35% success rate? If you and your friends are ready for a challenge and are looking for an “escape room near me”, book an escape room experience with Mastermind Room Escape now! If you have any further questions, you can reach us by
phone at 636-373-7801(St. Charles) or at 314-690-3356(St. Louis), or online at and through our contact page

Escape Room Near Me St. Louis and St. Charles

If you have further questions regarding escape rooms, whats required, the age limits, time limits, or more, visit our FAQ page. It can help answer any questions you may have regarding our escape room experiences.