Escape Room Games

Escape Room Games

Escape Room in St Louis and St Charles. Mastermind Room Escape is proud to provide a fun activity for residents of the greater St. Louis and St. Charles areas. However, what we have to offer goes beyond entertainment. Communication skills are invaluable to grow your personal and work relationships. Each of our escape rooms provides patrons with the chance to practice proper communication with friends, family, and coworkers. Do you have a hard time putting your ideas in words clearly and concisely so that others understand exactly what you mean? Does your mother-in-law refuse to listen to others? Book a room escape experience with Mastermind today to exercise and improve these abilities!

Our thrilling escape room games challenge several fundamental life skills, allowing you to identify and improve your strengths and weaknesses. No matter your age or educational level, our room escape games will break barriers and enable you to bond without outside distractions in the way… besides the ticking clock. Your team will be so focused even Ted and Tammy Text-ALot won’t be checking their phones! If you’ve been looking for the perfect activity that will provide mental stimulation and entertainment for all, look no further than Mastermind Room Escape in St. Louis and St. Charles!

2-12 60 mins 34%
St. Louis

Cardinals Quest

It’s the 7th inning stretch in a tied game of Cards versus Cubs, and the lights in Busch stadium have just gone dark. Being the huge fans tha …

2-12 participants 60 mins. 23%
St. Louis

Creepy Lair

Your group has been taken hostage by a psycho serial killer. To make sure no one hears your screams, he has taken you back to his old, dingy house, …

2-8 participants 60 mins 40%
St. Charles

DaVinci’s Workshop

While away working on his latest invention, DaVinci received word via carrier pigeon that thieves were en route to ransack his home. Upon hearing t …

2-10 participants 60 mins. 36%

Diamond Heist

Your team will have sixty minutes to escape the room by quickly solving puzzles and uncovering the path leading directly to the giant diamond to ge …

2-12 participants 60 mins. 32%
St. Charles

Electric Chair

Your friend has been framed for a crime he didn’t commit. Your crew must rescue him before he is executed by the electric chair! You must fir …

2-10 60 mins 32%

Elf Escape

The engine that makes the sleigh fly without Christmas spirit is on the fritz again. While your Buddy works tirelessly to fix the engine as fast as …

2-8 participants 60 mins. 21%
St. Louis

Secret Society

While researching an ancient secret society, you discover that little did you know, they were researching YOU too. While you were walking down the …

2-12 participants 60 mins 31%
St. Louis

The Castle

Trouble is afoot in the kingdom! The Evil King has stolen the Good King’s crown. It is your mission to gain access to the castle, make a sleeping …

2-12 60 mins 32%
St. Charles

The Shed

The year, 1970. You all are a team of investigators looking into a string of disappearances here in the back woods of Arkansas. While on your way t …