Date Night Ideas Creve Coeur

Date Night Ideas Creve Coeur

Date Nights should be fun, exciting and memorable! Everyone has done the dinner, drinks and a movie date night. Fancy dinner, a round of drinks at the local bar or a movie, and then you go home and either fall asleep or watch Netflix® or Hulu®. Rinse and repeat, week after week. But not anymore! Isn’t it time to do something memorable and challenging this year? Isn’t it time to show your date how exciting and unique you really are? Surprise your date with an escape room challenge! Mastermind Escape Room offers incredibly unique and exciting Date Night Ideas in Creve Coeur. Our Escape Rooms in Creve Coeur will challenge you and your date’s ability to communicate and cooperate, while also providing an incredible and memorable experience. Break the habit of dinner and a movie. Make your Date Night in Creve Coeur an escape room experience!

Escape Rooms for Date Night Ideas in Creve Coeur

Our Escape Rooms are intense and timed, but also beatable. You and your date will have the chance to challenge yourself in an escape room that you can either join in alongside others, or you can bring your own party and book an entire escape room for yourselves. These escape rooms are the perfect opportunity when you need an exciting date night idea in Creve Coeur:

  • Elf Escape: Both – Buddy and Papa Elf are working tirelessly to get Santa’s Sleigh back in working order, but they may not be able to do it in time! They need your help! Help them release the Christmas Spirit Globe in time to save Christmas!
  • Diamond Heist: Both – You and your team have sixty minutes to retrieve the giant diamond before the police arrive and foil the entire hiest. Can you get the diamond and escape?
  • The Shed: St. Charles – You’re a team of investigators looking into a string of disappearances within the backwoods of Arkansas, but as you dig deeper into the mystery, you find yourselves locked in a shed, and now part of the mystery itself. Can you escape, or will you join the missing?
  • Cardinals Quest: St. Louis – Cards vs Cubs.
    7th inning. Lights go out. The game is temporarily suspended while you and your group try to get the lights back on. If you don’t, per MLB rules, the game will be moved to Chicago to be completed! Don’t let that happen. Get the lights back on and save the game! This Date Night Idea is perfect for St. Louis Baseball fans!
  • Electric Chair: St. Charles – You’ve been framed for a crime you didn’t commit, and now your life depends on your crew rescuing you before the switch is pulled on your life! They must rescue you and find the evidence to prove you didn’t commit the crime before your time runs out!
  • The Castle: St. Louis – Trouble is afoot in the kingdom! The Evil King has stolen the Good King’s crown. It is your mission to gain access to the castle, make a sleeping potion to put the guards to sleep, and steal the crown before the guards awaken and imprison you. This date night idea in Creve Coeur is perfect for those who have an affinity with all things medieval!
  • DaVinci’s Workshop: St. Charles – You and your team must save Davinci’s Masterpiece, the Mona Lisa from being stolen by some would be thieves! Get into his workshop and protect the painting before the thieves arrive!
  • Secret Society: St. Louis – While researching a certain secret society, you’ve been kidnapped by them! Your only chance for escape is to complete the secret society’s Initiation Trial successfully. With only 60 minutes, will you be able to summon the cult’s High Priest and convince him you are worthy of his assembly?
  • Creepy Lair: St. Louis – You and your group have been taken captive by a serial killer, but luckily for you, he broke his only drill bit on his last victim and has to go to the hardware store to get a new one! You and your team have 60 minutes to escape before he arrives! This date night idea for Creve Coeur is an excellent idea for those who love horror or thrillers!

Date Night Ideas for Creve Coeur

If you want your date to have an incredible time, one that they will remember forever, book one of our incredible escape rooms and your date night will be set for a night of thrilling action and intense challenge. Mastermind Escape Room challenges you and your date in ways that no dinner and drinks date ever could or will. If you want to break the boredom of an expensive dinner and drinks, or you don’t want to watch their favorite movie for the 20th time, our escape rooms are the perfect date night ideas for Creve Coeur residents. Have fun, be active, and make memories that you will never forget. Call or Contact Mastermind Escape Room to book the most exciting Date Night Idea for Creve Coeur now!

Group Date Night Ideas

We also do group bookings if you want to double date, triple date, or if you want to bring a team of people together for an amazing and challenging night! Check out our Group Booking Page for more information on group date night ideas for Creve Coeur!


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