Play and Escape in our STL Escape Rooms and

St. Charles Escape Rooms!

Price is $26 per person.

Everybody’s got what it takes to get out of our exit games. The question is do you know how to USE what you’ve got? Find the answers, follow the clues, and discover the depths of your mind for one of the most fun things to do in St. Louis and St. Charles. Plus, our escape rooms are an awesome 1 hour indoor activity for a rainy day.

Our St. Louis escape room is in downtown St. Louis by all the hotels, convention center,  Busch Stadium, and the Edward Jones Dome at the corner of Washington Ave and 4th St!

Our St. Charles escape room location is right off Old Hwy. 94 South at the corner of Woodstone Dr. and South Old Hwy. 94 in the Gateway Office Park!


We currently have 3 themed room escapes in our downtown St. Louis location and will have 2 themed escape rooms in St. Charles. All of our games offer unique play styles for family activities, team building exercises, birthday parties, bachelor parties, post-dinner events, a night on the town, and really any event you can think of.

Each of our escape rooms provide you with challenges and fun and our puzzles were designed for intense cooperation to inspire people to work together, which is especially helpful for bonding families, friends, teams, co-workers, and even complete strangers. In every room of ours, you will face a series of challenges that are all trying to keep you from escaping in 60 minutes. Think you can do it?! Head to the bookings page to book now! (Arrive 15 minutes before scheduled game time.)

Escape if you can

Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. You've got to think to get outside. Are you brave enough to get locked in our rooms?

Recommended for:

Companies And Events

Spice up the boring company events and regular team building activities! Mastermind Room Escape is a fun and exciting way to learn the art of team building and to create bonds between your colleagues. The rooms are filled with riddles and puzzles that offer rewarding challenges and lasting memories.

Friends And Families

See how well your group works together as a single unit! Or not. Either way, you will learn, laugh, and play together for the duration of 60 minutes. That’s a plus right? Have fun!

Tourists And Travelers

Some people travel for the sole reason of finding a new room. We welcome all visitors and believe our games will challenge your logic and wit. Each room is a unique experience that will leave you wanting more!